About Sassy Pecan

Sassy Pecan relocated to Lebanon, Tennessee in October 2020. We’re Southerners whose mission is to “plant a little piece of home wherever we are.”

I appreciated a lot about growing up Southern. Life was simpler, food was about quality, and work was completed with fun, humor, and a dash of sass.

Sassy’s journey started by tinkering with a bowl of freshly roasted pecans, sugar, cinnamon, and butter. There’s been a whole lotta changes since then, but our passion for pecans hasn’t budged an iota. Seriously, who doesn’t love pecans?

If there’s anything left to share, it’s this. We’re proud of our cookin’. Grandmother shared her love of food and my goal is to do the same. Her recipe box is invaluable and serve as the foundation for our company.

We think you’ll love the results. Grandmother, the original Sassy, would approve.

Thanks, y’all!
Ka Small, chief nut